Moss Covered Log, Mossy Log, 21 Inches Long by 8 Inches Wide and 2 Inches High

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This log is live moss covered with great personality. This piece is approximately 21 inches long by 8 inches wide and 2 inches high.

This mossy log is an excellent choice for terrariums and other similar environments such as paludariums, vivariums, and ripariums. It goes well with both fairy gardens and regular gardens and is popular in home decor, like koi ponds, floral arrangements, planters, museums, or zoos. Moss thrives in both hot and cold climes and is better when it is partly shaded. However, it also needs some sunlight and water to flourish.

All of our moss is cultivated and gathered in its natural habitat in North central Wisconsin.

Moss is particularly resistant to cold conditions and transports exceedingly well.